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Raised in the small mountain town of Estes Park, Colorado, Mike spent much of his youth learning the ways of the world, like where there is loose dirt, there’s likely to be dog poop. So, don’t make mud pies. Mike then moved to Las Vegas where he first got his taste of the entertainment world, performing as a singer on the same stages as the Rat Pack and Elvis, all the way to Carnegie Hall in New York.

Upon graduating, Mike attended the University of Nevada, Reno as a Journalism major. Sometime into it, Mike began to realize that he didn’t want to be the interviewer, but rather, the interviewee. After a few bad events happened, Mike was coerced by his friends to enter a comedy competition. Within a few months, Mike was performing all over Reno. In an effort to get on more stages, he packed up and moved back to Vegas.

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